Tony’s DCC Workshop

In this section I intend to show some of the projects I have been involved with in the DCC field since I converted to DCC in 2003. The A19 Model Railway Club have a number of layouts in a number of scales committed to DCC and we have learned to cope with the strengths and weaknesses of a number of systems. Some systems have more weaknesses than strengths, but it is fair to say they are all steadily improving. There are a number of very competent systems on the Market at present, and there will always be a bigger, better, faster system just round the corner. That doesn’t mean to say that the latest systems are necessarily the best. Choose carefully and try before you buy. If one system is cheaper than another there is nearly always a good technical reason why. Make sure the system you choose is capable of doing what you want to do and will do so for the foreseeable future. The system must be capable of growing with your railway. I’ve seen many modellers spend money on a limited system with the “I’ll never need to run more than XX locos” only to buy a more comprehensive system one year down the line when they find it’s what the manufacturer didn’t tell them about their system that is the problem. In this way a club can be a great asset where you can draw on the experience of other modellers in the DCC field.