Los Karr Quays

  • “G” Scale
  • Space required 44′ x 16′
  • Operators 5
  • Luton van required for transport.
  • We will only do two day shows or longer, due to the time and effort needed for set up and knock down. Not available for exhibitions at present.

Los Karr Quays represents a dock area somewhere in the USA. In running the layout we follow no particular prototype, so American outline equipment from the steam and diesel era and from a number of railroads can be seen. G scale is a fun scale and we treat it as such.

Locomotives and rolling stock come from a number of manufactures, including kit bashed and scratch built. Track is Peco or hand made and couplers are Kadee.

In spite of ridiculously tight curves we can run some very large locomotives and long trains. Operators have to operate from outside the layout as the backscenes are too high to see over. Points are hand thrown which involves a lot of walking up and down the layout during switching. The signals are hand made and automatic in operation so operators have an idea of the route set and if it is clear or not, quite essential when the other end of your train may be over 30 feet away.

All scenery, buildings and car float are scratch built. The dock contains approximately 20 gallons of water and the car float really floats.

We have recently converted to DCC which has made operation easier and given improved locomotive control. The next plan is to replace Spelkins with wider baseboards to give more operational possibilities. Most of the locos have extra details and sound.

Page last updated 13/03/15