Industry Yard

  • “HO” Scale
  • Space required 36′ x 12′
  • Operators 5
  • Transit van required for transport.
  • A minimum of two day show due to time and effort needed for set up and knock down.
  • Control – DCC using NCE.
  • We will only do two day shows or longer, due to the time and effort needed for set up and knock down. Not available for exhibitions at present.

This is the final stage of an evolving exhibition layout. It is really two smaller exhibition layouts joined end to end.

Industry Yard is situated in an imaginary medium sized, mid-western town, on a secondary east to west single-track railroad built by the SF Railroad who use it as a relief road when traffic is heavy on other corridors.

It is also the junction of a former branch to the town of Willamette some 60 miles southwest. The Willamette & Pacific RR (A short line) now operates this branch line. The town is also connected to Union Pacific tracks a couple of miles out of town.

The yard consists of several tracks with various industries along the north side. These are mainly rail served and require switching every day. The W & P crews do most of the west end switching with the east end handled by the ATSF from a resident SF switcher which handles the heavier UP/SF business.

At the east end of the yard is the small service facility that caters to the needs of the W&P locos and visiting power. Crew changes also take place on run through freights in the yard Area.

Traffic consists of interchange between the SF and the W&P and daily transfer freight from the UP. The switching of local industries is an all day business too, especially the Miracle Chair and grain elevator. All this has to be orchestrated so as not to interfere with the numerous SF and UP trains that use the main line.

Scenery – Ground is Exterior Quality Polyfilla. Ground Cover (plants) by Woodland Scenics

Structures are Scratch built, based on actual buildings seen during visits to the ‘States’.

Locomotives – Athearn, Lifelike, Broadway, Bachmann, Proto2000, Atlas, etc. All extensively modified and detailed to represent specific locomotives. Most are sound fitted. Kadee couplings are standard on all stock, using under track uncouplers.

Freight Cars – As above, together with items from Roundhouse, Details West, A Line, Exactrail, Intermountain, plus some home grown.

The storage tracks are now controlled using MERG circuits controlled via a touch screen and JMRI.

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