Enigma Yard

  • “HO” Scale
  • Space required 8′ x 3′
  • Operators 2
  • DCC Control.
  •  This layout is available for exhibitions
  • 3.5mm scale 1/87  HO Gauge
  • American Outline Switching Layout

Enigma Yard

The layout is based on Alan Wright’s famous ‘Inglenook Sidings’ plan, but transferred across the Atlantic! It is designed as both a compact test track and a challenging puzzle. The object of the game is to assemble a train in a predetermined sequence within the constraints of the track plan. The game can be made easier or more difficult by varying the number of cars to be assembled. The layout was built , single handedly, in 8 two hour sessions in the A19 Model Railway Club rooms. One of the reasons for building the layout is to show that a model railway does not necessarily need lots of room or yards of track to be challenging and enjoyable.

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