Alwinton performed well on its first outing to Hartlepool Exhibition. The layout was well received and many favourable comments made. Hopefully we will get some video posted of the layout in operation before too long.


Alwinton will be appearing at the Hartlepool Model Railway Exhibition on the 12th and 13th July. See the Alwinton page for new pictures.


The next Northern Counties American Modeler’s Group meeting is on Sunday 4th May at the Community Hall at Hampthwaite, Near Harrogate, North Yorkshire.


Charlie Hudson won first pize at the recent American Modellers Meet at Hampthwaite with his scratch built Freight car repair workshop and shearlegs crane in On30 scale. Well done Charlie.

Charlie Hudsons On30 Freight car Repai shop and Shearlegs

Charlie Hudsons On30 Freight car Repair shop and Shearlegs.

MERG meeting

The next North East MERG meeting will be on the 4th March at 19:00 at the A19 Clubrooms.


Alwinton is due to make it’s first outing to Hartlepool Model Railway Exhibition in July 2014


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Layout news

Following our appearance at the Railex NE exhibition. Industry yard is currently being modified to increase train capacity in the storage roads before returning to operation in our club rooms.

Mike Thomas’s layout Whitley Town has been errected in the club rooms and now sees regular operation while updates to scenery take place.